7 Best Kitesurfing Spots in the World

There are so many awesome destinations around the world to learn and practice kitesurfing. However, there are some spots that you would think have been built just for the sport. Picking up the top 7 best is a tall order. This article doesn’t present a ranked list, but rather a list of the top destinations and holiday spots we think you should experience. There are various exotic and adventurous places all over the world, but it is virtually impossible to create a ranked list because everyone will have varying opinions about what makes a great spot.

Cape Hatteras, NC

Cape HatterasNorth Carolina may not be the most exotic nor the warmest place in the world all year-round, but it is hard to beat Cape Hatteras in the summer months, especially if you are coming from the United States. It consists of beautiful beaches decorated by blowing coastal grasses. Kite surfers love this destination for its general open space and entirely consistent summer winds. People can have access to larger areas of both shallow and deep waters. Travelers appreciate the serene surrounding that is a quaint charm with lots of fresh seafood.

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The Basic Kitesurfing Gear List

Kitesurfing greenKitesurfing has become a favorite water activity for millions of people all over the world. The reasons are that it is a fun activity, highly-challenging, promoted better brain coordination, relaxes the mind and has numerous health benefits. This sport is a combination of surfing, kite flying, and paragliding. To excel in the sport, you need to have the right gear. This gear doesn’t come cheap and may retail anywhere $700 to $2000. We have included a lot of tips to help you choose the right equipment to get you started.

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How to Kitesurf/Kiteboard

kitesurfLearning how to kitesurf is not the easiest undertaking, but it is not as hard as it may look. In most cases, it takes people between 15 to 20 hours of practice spread over some weeks to learning how to kitesurf. Occasionally, an exceptionally motivated individual can go from zero to hero, by learning kitesurfing in one day. This article discusses all the requirements of becoming a kitesurfing hero, starting from zero experience.

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The World Competition Kite Surfing

kitesurfing threeThe World competition kite surfing is the fastest growing extreme watersport and has grabbed the attention of pro surfers, windsurfers, and other sports enthusiasts. World competition kite surfing has become very popular and is held all over the world catering for amateurs and pro riders. The leading sporting companies sponsoring kite surfing are Red Bull and Quicksilver. The Caribbean has become one of the standard world competition kite surfing hot spots and the destination gives optimum riding paradise conditions for riders to deliver up to their full potential.

Most popular upcoming kitesurfing competitions starting from November 21, 2015, to February 2016.

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Introduction to Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing greenKitesurfing is a wind-powered surface watersport done by use of a kite and board moving it across the water. The rider has to harness the wind power by use of a large parachute-type kite to propel the rider via the water. It is the fastest growing water sport in the world. Another name used for this sport is kiteboarding. Kiteboarding is an Eco-friendly trend sport that is available to everyone who can swim, irrespective of their age. Kites which have inflatable tubes are used to provide the pulling from the wind. The inflated kite parts help in holding the shape and allow floating of the kite.

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